What’s happening on the Urban Fringe

What’s happening on the Urban Fringe

For those of you who don’t have time to read through the labyrinth that is the City Plan here’s a diagram of the designated areas for development in the urban fringe. All the information is taken from the Proposed Submission City Plan Part Two – March.

More detailed studies and information for the individual sites are shown in the maps and tables which follow.



Sites 1 & 2


Sites 4, 4a, 4b, 5 & 5a


Sites 10, 11 & 12


Site 16


Site 17


Site 21 & 21a


Site 30


Site 32 & 32a


Site 33


Sites 38, 38a & 39


Site 42


Site 46a


Sites 48, 48a, 48b & 48c


Site 50

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