Valley Gardens – more light shed on the Council’s insensitive approach

Valley Gardens – more light shed on the Council’s insensitive approach

We recently complained about the lack of imagination the Council has shown in its approach to the design of the new Valley Gardens landscaping.

Here is another example.  Does anyone in the Council realise that Valley Gardens is lined with listed buildings?

Massive shiny metal lampposts have now been erected in Grand Parade as part of the construction of the Valley Gardens scheme.  Most of them are in line with the kerbs but for some reason one has been placed up against the railings in front of Nos. 22 and 23.

Not only does this demonstrate a lack of consideration for the houses stuck behind the new lamp post, but it highlights yet another failure of design as the whole terrace should be protected by being within the Valley Gardens Conservation Area.  Even worse, the post has been placed directly in front of three houses which are Grade II listed. (Nos 20 to 22).  

Private property owners are required to obtain planning approval for work within Conservation Areas, yet here the Council seems to have failed to follow the procedures it imposes on others.

Who is responsible for this – the contractors carrying out the work or the Council traffic and highway engineers?  Whoever it is should have consulted with the Council’s Heritage Team and the Conservation Advisory Group before putting up such intrusive and insensitively located street furniture.

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