Object to the Revised Gasworks Proposals

Object to the Revised Gasworks Proposals

Application BH2021/04167 Revised Gasworks Proposals

Can you help us? We are asking for as many voices as possible to object to the above application. Every objection counts and will be processed by the Planning Department.

Simply send an email to


Please put this title on your message: Objection to plans BH2021/04167 revised gasworks proposal.

You could cut and paste a few paragraphs from, say, one or two comments which can be read from the Planning Register, or form a few sentences to include two or three of these:

  • There will be airborne contamination and a health threat locally – don’t build high-rise – keep the contaminants in the ground instead by building lower-rise.
  • The Tall Buildings would be detrimental to the Kemp Town Grade 1 Listed Estate and other listed buildings nearby and contradicts the Council’s own Tall Buildings policy.
  • The revised proposal has actually increased instead of reduced the number of dwellings.
  • The true living conditions for the community will be concrete canyons and wind tunnels.
  • The housing is not what is needed, with just 9% suitable for families.
  • The council originally called for 85 dwellings on the site – the developer proposes 565 dwellings in high-rise towers. 
  • The developer has said construction lasting 6-10 years will send airborne contaminants a kilometre out from deep-piling for high-rise buildings.

The Council will consider objections up to the date when the Planning Committee meets, which is scheduled for 16 March.  However, if you do decide to comment, we should be grateful if you would do so at your earliest opportunity.

Thank you for your help and joining us in fighting for a better outcome for our neighbours and our city.

One thought on “Object to the Revised Gasworks Proposals

  1. We got the same issue in mitcham,local plan was for 200 max 400 2 storey home now St William want 13 storey hight and 700 flat.we been fight and they just reduce to 595 to 9 storey.
    Can we come l big group and join you?

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