Minutes: February 2017

Minutes: February 2017

IMAGE CREDIT: Delia Ives, Brighton Society Committee member, author online, Brighton Bits
Brighton Station Clock: The Station clock is back . . .
. . . and looking all clean & shiny. 23 September 2012 [detail]

Minutes of the Committee Meeting on Tuesday 14 February 2017 at 52 Rugby Road at 8.00 pm

Present: Jeremy Mustoe (Chairman), Corinne Attwood, Valerie Bolton, Sandy Crowhurst, Malcolm Dawes, Robert Edwards, Allan Grainger, Lyn Lynch-White, Selma Montford, Ninka Willcock,

1 Apologies for Absence: Roger Hinton, Delia Ives

2 Minutes of the Meeting on 3 January: Agreed, and signed by the Chairman

3.1 Secretary Hand-Over Arrangements: VB reported on the sub-committee meeting on 11 January, attended by JM, RH, LLW and VB. VB is willing to take over the administrative parts of Selma’s role as Hon. Sec on the understanding that this is a short term solution only. It was proposed by NW and seconded by CA that she be elected Hon. Sec. and this was unanimously agreed. She will arrange with SM for the change of address, telephone number, letter headings and email address. The rest of the role will be dealt with by other members of the committee as appropriate. VB will not be a mouth-piece for the Society and will pass on queries from the public to other committee members.

3.2 Hoogstraten Building, The Drive: Still in hand. The city has a backlog of 600 enforcement cases and as enforcement is not a legal requirement it is not a priority. JM will send round the link to a recent report on the enforcement situation in the City.

3.3 Shelter by i360: JM has inspected this and hasd decided to take no further action. The CAG have objected to it, as have the Regency Society.

3.4 Invitation from Mayor: Numbers now at 29, including Robert Gregory who would have to be provided with transport. Agreed this was enough and not to invite any non-BSoc members. JM will thank the Mayor.

3.5 Preston Barracks: The plans are being continually amended. Agreed to wait for the application.

3.6 Sackville Hotel: The new plans are much improved, and are down to 8 storeys with the top storey set back and the 7th with balconies. Some of JM’s comments have been incorporated, but he still considers it to be one storey too high.

3.7 Inappropriate Murals and Graffiti: Proliferating all over the city centre and being welcomed by many. AG suggested that signed murals could be considered to be advertising the artist’s “brand” and therefore subject to planning permission legislation, particularly when he is being commissioned to carry out further work. There is also s.215 of the T&C Act 1990 which gives LAs wide powers to order the clean-up of eyesores. Members of the committee are welcome to attend the North Laine meeting on Tuesday 21 March at 7.45 at Brighthelm when graffiti will be discussed.

3.8 Gift Aid: LLW requires more help. CA will ask Tony Davenport to assist.

3.9 Moshimo: It was felt that we had done all we could following this disaster. English Heritage supported the scheme on the basis that the square is a lost cause and “needed something”.


4.1 7 February

• Corn Exchange and Studio Theatre: Very extensive refurbishment with many changes. These were welcomed but there was concern about roof mounted plant and ducting which must be monitored. More information was requested on some aspects.

• Morley Street: Demolition of night club, erection of elegant building with offices. Rec. approval.

• Behind Otello’s, Church Road: Awful 5 storey block of flats, rec. refusal.

• Tyson Place Council Flats: Proposal to cover in white render rejected.

4.2 BSoc Substitute Representative: SM will continue

4.3 New Conservation Officer: Jody Blake has been appointed as a replacement officer. There are 3 officers at her level.

5 Meeting with Simon Montgomery: JM, SM and VB had a very useful meeting with Simon Montgomery at 10 Clermont Road on 23 January to discuss the website, twitter and facebook. He has updated the website, which went live last Friday, and members are urged to look at it. Committee members are welcome to suggest material to go on line, but it should be channelled via JM, SM or VB to avoid duplication. It was agreed that committee minutes should be put on line in an archive which could be accessed by those looking for them. There will also be an archive of newsletters. JM will pass to Simon relevant parts of the CAG decisions. AG suggested that the site should have a “strap line” if it does not already do so to give an indication of what the BSoc does. He also suggested a “Brighton Past” section to show what has been lost, and also that Simon should be asked to provide a regular breakdown of “hit” statistics. Agreed to refer this to DI. JM has already passed to Simon various letters to the Argus and the Council, and in future all these should all go to him.
NOTE: Simon is working for the BSoc for free, an enormous benefit to us.

6 Membership Leaflet and Membership Drive: Now urgent, to capitalise on the new website. VB will draft a leaflet for consideration at the next meeting.

7 Newsletter: Next time the type face could be smaller, and it should be shorter. The paper could be 80gsm rather than 100gsm. Agreed it should be emailed to all Councillors. It should also go to all Libraries, Radio Sussex , B&H News, and Brighton Independent if it is still running.

8 BSoc Archives: VB will collect all the past Minutes from SM. The rest of the archives can wait.

9 Shoreham Harbour Public Consultation: A disappointment, with nothing approaching a vision for the future. JM has written a long letter. A stakeholders meeting is yet to come, and there is now an active new Friends of Hove Lagoon group which may participate.

10 Toads Hole Valley: No-one was aware of the consultation period now under way. JM will check.

11 OTCA Character Statement: Following the public consultation, the final version is being prepared and will go to the relevant council committee for ratification on 9 March.

12 Rye Preservation Society visit: Wednesday 31 May, 10.00-1.00pm. About 30 are expected who will pay us £3 each. JM, MD, NW and Sarah Tobias will liaise over the detailed arrangements.

13 Stanmer Park: Heritage money has been granted for the landscaping works but not for the restoration of the village and the barn. It is not clear if all consultation is now over. CA will check with the CPRE as there are concerns over the plans for cutting down trees and new extensive car parking areas

14 Queen Square: New application in for ice rink site. JM will check.

15 PortZed: New proposals expected, prepared by the Sackville architects.

16 Design SE Presentation 20 March: Several members have been invited and will attend.

17 Medina House: Valerie Paynter has asked for our comments on further survey details to justify full demolition.

18 Marlborough House: To be repainted, which requires Listed Building consent – not yet applied for.

19 Meeting with CPRE on Housing: A letter from Stuart Derwent in the DTel. on behalf of the CPRE suggests a more imaginative approach from the council regarding combining retail and housing developments to maximise the use of land. JM has discussed it with Jim Gowans who is arranging a meeting. CA asked to attend.

20 Tall Buildings in the Guardian: Saturday 4 Feb article. Shows tall buildings world wide. Many of the flats are empty, and the developments represent social cleansing.

21 Hove Library Award: They did not win.

23 Any Other Business: AGM – Wednesday 5 July, at either Brighthelm or Friends Centre.

Tuesday 14 March, 10 Clermont Road
Tuesday 11 April
AGM – 5 July