Marina Development – latest image

Marina Development – latest image

Below is the latest image of the Outer Harbour Development, taken with my camera at this afternoon’s public consultation at Malmaison Hotel at the Marina.

I wrote the following letter to The Argus which was published on Monday 7 January:

Dear Sir,

“Scaled down Marina plans”

Your piece on the new Marina plans shows a range of massive buildings varying from about 9 storeys at the lowest, and including others of 17 storeys and 28 storeys – that is 4 storeys higher than Sussex Heights. The architect has admitted that the height and bulk of the buildings will block views of the sea up to the level of the horizon when viewed from the cliff-top behind – a very significant and detrimental change, and a severe loss to the amenity of the city, its residents and visitors. 

This dreadful proposal will dominate our coastal landscape, will block key views and is a blatant attempt to maximise private profit at the expense of the of  public realm. In no way will it help Brighton’s over-riding need for low-cost and affordable housing.

Whatever is permitted on this site will inevitably influence the height and scale of future proposals for the nearby Black Rock site.

Jeremy Mustoe

Chairman, The Brighton Society

The image above shows it is even worse than I imagined it would be.  If these are “scaled down” plans I hate to imagine what  the earlier scheme would have looked like.

It is an impenetrable, massive conglomeration of huge buildings between the chalk cliffs and the sea. It’s as though a part of central Croydon has been dropped on to Brighton seafront.

It is completely unacceptable.  More to follow…….

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