Hove Library is 110 on Sunday July 8th!

Hove Library is 110 on Sunday July 8th!

A century and a decade after its opening, let’s celebrate this valued building. Hats off, too, to our Victorian and Edwardian forebears, who campaigned so vigorously at a national and local level for public libraries and, most of all, to Andrew Carnegie, who made this one possible.

Details of street celebration below.

On Sunday 8th July it will be 110 years since Hove Library (gift to the city from Andrew Carnegie) opened on 8th July 1908.

At 3pm, we will be having a street celebration outside (cake and cordial) to celebrate. We intend short readings, poems and quotes in celebration of Libraries – musicians and celebrities also welcome. One lady has already offered to come dressed in Edwardian costume to read an Edwardian library poem!

Everyone welcome including children.

Dress code: Bright colours.

A few of us will go to the Connaught pub afterwards for a drink, but we wanted to honour Andrew Carnegie (a teetotaller) in the street celebration.

Please come and show your love and appreciation for this jewel in Hove’s crown.

Hove Carnegie Library is much loved and much used, yet has suffered many threats over the years so we thought it would be nice to do something positive with this celebration and show our appreciation. If you would like to contribute a reading or piece, please email hovewriters@outlook.com to let us know.

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