Guidelines for contributors

1. Articles should be on topics which fall within section 2 ‘Objects’ of the Society’s constitution. They must be of general interest, and not on minor local issues such as rubbish bin collections and parking problems.

The charity is established for the public benefit for the following purposes in the area comprising the City of Brighton & Hove and its immediate surroundings:

  •  ‘to stimulate public interest in the area.’
  •  ‘to promote high standards of planning, architecture and design in the area.’
  •  ‘to preserve, protect and improve features of the urban and natural environment of historic or public interest in the area.’

2. The authors of all articles must be identified by their name and the name of their organisation (if applicable). Individuals not representing a specific group should include a line of explanation of the contributor’s interest or background.

3. The Society reserves the right to edit contributors’ submissions. Note that the edited version can be used by the contributor on their approval of the edited version. They hold the copyright of the edited version.

4. Articles must be approved by at least 2 members of the Editorial sub-committee.

5. The contributor must notify the Society if the article has already appeared elsewhere, or has been submitted for publication elsewhere.

6. We will post a notice that material cannot be reused without permission but that we can’t guarantee material won’t be downloaded by others.

7. Typical articles should generally be limited to 500 words, though longer articles on complex topics may be submitted and posted subject to consideration and approval by the Editorial sub-committee.

8. Photographs or illustrations accompanying the article must be the copyright of the author or the author has evidence that can be presented to the Society to prove that the author has permission to use the visual material.

9. Photographs and illustrations must be above 500kb and no more than 2mb in size. Poor quality photographs and illustrations may need to be resubmitted at the discretion of the Editorial sub-committee.

10. Articles should be submitted by email to: