Our magical built environment

Our magical built environment

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Friday 10 February 2017

Adam Trimingham headed his article Brighton can be greater if we are bold and brave (the Argus February 8).

Brighton would be greater if we were more sensitive to much of our magical built environment.

This is not the case with the bold monster proposed for Bartholomew Sqaure which peers over the top of the buildings into Prince Albert Street.

Adam also mentions the scheme for a new arena for music at Black Rock, doubling up as a conference centre.

The only reason for proposing this site for these uses is because it belong to the council.

It is a most unsuitable site for moving 10,000 people there and back to the town centre, where they will surely want to enjoy the restaurants and bars.

The council made the same mistake with The Keep, the only reason for choosing this out of the way site was because it belonged to the council.

Selma Montford
Clermont Road