Beautiful Brighton – The Trashing of London Road

Beautiful Brighton – The Trashing of London Road
Graffiti, London Road

Tagging, throw-ups and inferior murals are destroying your city. A short walk from St Peters Church to The Duke of York’s Picture House will show you the total disrespect these vandals have for the public space. The extent to which graffiti vandalism is trashing the London Road can be seen in the 64 photographs below.

There seems to be no effective action against this graffiti scourge. It’s time to demand action and to reclaim your streets.

For those unfamiliar with graffiti terms, here are some examples:

Tagging – A stylized signature, normally done in one colour

Throw-ups – They generally consist of a one-colour outline and one layer of fill-colour. Easy-to-paint bubble shapes often form the letters. Throw-ups are often utilized by vandals who wish to achieve a large number of tags while competing with rival vandals.

Mural (Piece) A Mural requires more time to paint than a throw-up. If placed in a difficult location and well executed it will earn the vandal more respect.

Often the Mural painter will do throw-ups or tags – it’s all Graffiti.