Anston House: First Base plan

Anston House: First Base plan

Letter to Editor
Civic Brighton and Hove platform
16 October 2016

Dear Sir

First Base is seeking planning permission to demolish and redevelop the Anston House site opposite Preston Park. No one will regret the loss of the ruin which remains on part of the site.

First base has also partnered the Friends of the Pavilion Cafe, the Brighton and Lewes Downs Unesco World Biosphere Region and Visit Brighton to work on the project.

The plan proposes 3 towers of 15, 13 and 12 storeys like a fortress on the west side of the park, overshadowing the narrowest part of the park and the Rotunda. Do these three partners know what they are supporting?

First base claim that they have ‘a good level of support’ from the local community. Perhaps they could demonstrate where they found this ‘good level of support’.

First Base also claim that they will work with residents and groups to jointly ensure that it remains a wonderful space we can all enjoy and be proud of. I don’t think that they will find many residents willing to work with First Base who plan to drop three very tall buildings haphazardly opposite the listed Preston Park.

Yours sincerely
Selma Montford

Hon Secretary The Brighton Society
10 Clermont Road Brighton BN1 6SG