A Vision not Realised

A Vision not Realised

The film shows the problem of selling a development to the public by using an artist’s illustration or impression. They will always show the optimistic side of a scheme; one might even go as far as to say they are selling a dream. It is our hope that these dreams will come true and when they don’t we are compelled to show the reality.

Here is The Argus online link to an article about our film of the Circus Street development: https://www.theargus.co.uk/news/19730165.brighton-society-slam-development-vision-not-realised/

2 thoughts on “A Vision not Realised

  1. How utterly hideous…let alone the land beneath, which needs a few years to detox and highly specialised procedures to do this so that it can be habitable.
    Ew,🤢 Ew,🤢Ew🤢that design is the antithesis of beautiful Brighton – the landmark seaside town of South East, England. I’ll do anything to stop this happening….come on, People….get real, wake up and listen to the local people and not just the sound of money clearing into Fat Cat’s bank accounts 😡

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